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CSS Sisterhood brings together the women of our community through our varied programming.  We are an active, vibrant group of women of all ages, diverse interests, and backgrounds.  Sisterhood offers a chance to meet new people and form strong bonds of friendship.  We support each other in our commitment to Judaism and to our synagogue.

Everyone is welcome to attend any of the events sponsored or co-sponsored by Sisterhood.  While we focus on the needs and interests of women, we often partner with the Men's Club to share in social events and in other contributions that meet the religious and financial needs of our congregation.

We sponsor the Treasures Gift Shop located in the lobby.  Our gift shop is perfect for every occasion with a large selection of secular and Judaica gift items.  The gift shop is open Sunday mornings, for special events, and any time upon request.

We also offer scrip (food market gift cards) that earns you a 5% donor credit.  Gift certificates are available for Shoprite, Acme, and Giant.

We would love to welcome you to Sisterhood and can assure you that your involvement will bring friendship and fulfillment in the years ahead.

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Dvar Torah For Sisterhood Installation

Sisterhood meets Wonder Woman

By Toby Lundy
Sisterhood Religious Chair
CSS Membership Retention VP

A tip of our hats and a resounding bang of the gavel in tribute to President Mindy and Executive Vice President Shelli and the entire Board, for a job well done, and an exciting Sisterhood year. You wonder, sometimes, how it is that busy people, who are on both the Sisterhood and Congregation Boards, can get so much done. They seem to be modern day Wonder Women.

We did it all from dinners and Baby Showers, to New York trips and luncheons, President’s and Membership dinners and Installation. And who could forget the fabulous job our own Denise Ellner did with the challenging week of the Israeli Arts and Dance Festival. Hats off to you and your committee.

Yes, we have many “crossovers” from Sisterhood Board to Congregation Board who make us all proud. And here we are, full of our exciting accomplishments and guidance to our beloved Synagogue of Shaare Shamayim. And on that note, we also give a rousing shout-out to our own Fran, alongside Linda, who completed a year of progress as President of CSS, and spearheaded the drive to incorporate Ner Zedek into the CSS family, culminating in the “marriage” ceremony at Verree and Welsh.

In Schlach, this week’s parshah, an important incident occurred thousands of years ago.  Moses sends 12 “spies” to scout out the land promised to us by Hashem. Ten return with a negative report. Two, Calev and Joshua, return with a glowing prognosis and tremendous clusters of grapes carried between them on large stakes. These two remained optimistic, and had a "can-do" attitude, much like Sisterhood. They, like us, do not let fear or a lack of confidence stop us from reaching our goals.

Now, let us Sync back in time to a mere 75 years ago, when Wonder Woman became a DC comics star. Back then, this fearless, confident, awesome role model gave many females a new perspective on femininity and the role of women in society. Today, we have a new keeper of the Lasso of Truth. She is none other than Gal Gadot, who won the title of Miss Israel at the age of 18, and has had a successful modeling and acting career. She became a heroine, like Wonder Woman, when she stood up to naysayers from Lebanon who boycotted her movie, only because she is from Israel. On Facebook, she sent her love and prayers to the soldiers protecting her country from the sick acts of Hamas.  This was accompanied by a picture of her and her daughter lighting Shabbat candles, deep in prayer.

Gal Gadot, a Wonder Woman for our time. Sisterhood, wonderful Wonder Women for all time—confident, fearless, sharing love and peace and camaraderie and commitment.

Hazak, Hazak, Hazak, V’nit Hazek.

May we all go from strength to strength and strengthen each other.

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Mindy Poliner, Sisterhood President

Upcoming Sisterhood Events:

A Crash Course in Jewish History
Rabbi Abraham will conduct classes for six enlightening weeks of discourse.  Join us at one or all of these classes.  Class starts at 10:30am, coffee and cake will be served at 10am.  Cost is $12 per person.  Please contact Toby Lundy, Religious Chair, for more information.

Wed, August 5 2020 15 Av 5780