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Shabbat is a weekly reprieve from the distractions of day-to-day existence.  In the synagogue, we face life as it is...from the happy ushering in of Shabbat with the ancient song "Lekha Dodi", to bringing current relevance to the week's Torah portion, to offering solace to mourners with the Kaddish.  Our services are designed to engage in prayer in its fullest intensity — to feel the full range of life's emotions, whatever is true for us in that moment, be it joy, hurt, gratitude, anger, or amazement.  We structure time for quiet reflection, at the beginning of Shabbat evening and during Shabbat morning's Shacharit service.  Shabbat is our time to reflect and to remind us of how to live as our best and unique selves.

We celebrate the diversity in how our congregants choose to observe, offering both a modern Conservative service, recognizing women on the bima, as well as the more traditional Conservative service. Please come join us weekly as you please.

A Mi Sheberach is a public prayer or blessing for a loved one in need often recited in synagogue when the Torah is being read.  Click here to add a name to our Mi Sheberach list or e-mail their English and Hebrew name to

Conservative Egalitarian Services

We offer an egalitarian worship for both men and women to have aliyahs and read from the Torah and hear inspirational Ashkenzi and Sephardic tunes.

Conservative Traditional Services

We offer a Conservative service which follows a more traditional path, where men alone participate on the bima and in Torah reading.  The Friday night service begins at sundown.  Please see the homepage for the specific time each week.

Junior Congregation

Our Junior Congregation is a welcoming and engaging family service for all ages.  Students are encouraged to ask questions and participate in discussions about Shabbat, prayer, and the weekly Torah reading, and help lead the service.  This interactive service is held every Saturday between September and June at 10:45 am in the Chapel.  Prior to the service, we make Kiddush and Motzi over grape juice and challah...and have delicious bagels too!  Services are led by teens from our Teen Learning Community (TLC), under the guidance of our Religious School Director.

Sing-A-Long Shabbat

We engage children in the spirit of Shabbat through song, dance, and story.  Our talented leaders welcome and inspire children and parents to join in meaningful prayer.  This Saturday morning service and play is a great opportunity for parents and children to meet and socialize with other young families.

Tot Shabbat

Children participate in creative play and holiday crafts that enhance the holidays and Shabbat.  Children take home crafts for the whole family to enjoy.


Our tradition teaches us the value of daily spiritual practice of Judaism. Our Morning Minyan is an opportunity to attend an intimate service for prayer and contemplation, to observe Yahrzeit, and recite Kaddish for loved ones. Every morning, Sunday through Friday, the Morning Minyan meets to pray together. It is a wonderful way to get to know one another better.


Service Times


Conservative Egalitarian

Friday evening: 7:45 pm

Saturday Morning: 9:30 am


Conservative Traditional

Friday and Saturday Evenings: time varies with sunset

Saturday Morning: 9 am



Sunday-Thursday evening: 7:00 pm


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