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Executive Committee (Effective July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2021)

We welcome fresh ideas and perspectives from new leaders.  If you would like to work with others, know how to listen, and want to make a difference in the CSS community, please contact the President, Fran Gabriel, or the Executive Director, Jacques Lurie.

The synagogue is run by a volunteer Board of Directors, which in turn is led by its Executive Officers.  The lay leadership works in partnership with our clergy and professional staff.

President, Fran Gabriel
Executive Vice President, Linda Korsin

Vice President of Finance, Lynne Kramer

Vice President of Administration, Bobbie Slosberg

Vice President of Ways, Karen Simansky

Vice President of Membership, Julie Herskovitz, Jerry Oslon

Vice President of Retention, Toby Lundy

Vice President of Coordination, Mindy Poliner

Teasurer, Norman Marks

Secretary, Shelli Keeny

Past President, Tobi Levin
Past President, Gary Cohen
Past President, Maxine Goldman
Counsel/ Past President, Gary A. Krimstock

 Past President, Michael Bittman


Board of Directors (Effective July 1, 2018  to June 30, 2021)

The management and administration of the affairs of the congregation is vested in the Board of Directors.  The Board is charged with engaging in policy, long-term planning, and the general oversight of the mission and financial stability of the synagogue.  The Board meets monthly and the meetings are open to the entire congregation.

Rhona Sloan

Jerry Gabriel

Michael Goldinger

Jerry Rosenzweig

Adult Education, Denise Ellner

Budget, Alan Steinberg

Catering, Phyllis Stoltz

Community Liason, Maria Topel

Community Action, Helen Schultz

Education Committee, Susan Anmuth


Leadership, Richard Raisman

Mitzvah, Rosalie Cohen

Scroll & Website,  Julie Herskovitz

Publicity, Maxine Goldman

Ritual (Traditional), Harry Schmidt

Ritual (Egalitarian), Jerry Gabriel

Ritual Coordination, Elie Rosenblatt


Youth, Harriet Davis

Past President (Adath Zion),  Morris Kornsgold 

Past President (Adath Zion),  Sylvan Kesilman

Past President(Ner Zedek), Jack Belitsky


Synagogue Arms

The synagogue arms support our shul through fund raising and community programming.

Men's Club Co-Presidents,
Paul Kaplan & Barry Leiber

Sisterhood President, Shelli Keeny

Chaverim, Lynn Ratmansky




Past Presidents

Linda Korsin Tobi Levin Gary Cohen
Gary Krimstock Joan Cohen Howard Katzoff
Sidney Portnoe* Bertram Shaiman* Martin Katzen
I. Irving Geboff* Morris Yelowitz* Edward Snyder
Morris Rush* Marvin Karff* Harold Levin
David Silver*    


*  z"l

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