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Congregations of Shaare Shamayim is more than a synagogue...We are a center for celebrating, learning, marking milestones, and growing through new experiences.  It is here that we connect to Judaism, each other, the local community, and to Israel.


Building a solid foundation for a strong sense of one's Jewish identity, and the feeling of belonging to a close-knit Jewish community is what we are all about.


If you are looking for a truly transformative Jewish experience, one in which you are an active player, we invite you to join our dynamic community.  If you are already a member, we hope you'll continue helping CSS to be a spiritual, guiding light.


If you want to know more about becoming a CSS member or need to make payment arrangements please contact our office by calling 215-677-1600 or e-mailing us at


We firmly believe that money should never come between CSS and someone seeking a Jewish community.  If your family is experiencing difficult circumstances, contact our office at 215-677-1600 to discuss how we can work together to make membership accessible.

Tue, May 28 2024 20 Iyyar 5784