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Our Programs

Toddler Program (2 years old)

At this age, children are little sponges, picking up every bit of information about the world around them. Most things that your two-year-old learns will be through play and normal social interaction. 

Always remember that every child develops at their own pace.  At CSS Preschool, our toddler teachers use an integrated approach paying attention to your young child's physical skill development, self-expression, socialization, coping strategies, cognitive learning, as well as his or her emotional adjustment and well-being. 

Part of our curriculum will cover the following: 
     Action words to help them communicate (more, go, come, want, up, down, etc.)
     Manners (please, thank you)
     Names of body parts
     Animal sounds and names of animals
     Names (their own first and last name and names of family and friends)
     Vehicles (cars, trucks, firetruck, airplane)
     Household objects (names of certain foods, utensils, furniture, clothing, daily use items)
     Colors and shapes
     Sizes (big, small, tall, short)
     Direction words (below, above, next to, on top, underneath, etc. )
     Weather (sunny, rainy, cloudy, windy, snowy, hot, cold, etc.)

Because of children's growing desire to be independent, this stage is often called the "terrible twos."  However, this can be an exciting time for parents and toddlers.  Toddlers will experience huge thinking, learning, social, and emotional changes that will help them to explore their new world and make sense of it. 


Three Year Old Program

Our 3 year old program has been designed to encourage your child to explore their world using all of their senses in a creative and exciting way as they continue to grow.  Language arts, science, math, and social studies will be integrated into both the Judaic and secular monthly units. 

Our curriculum targets communication, inquiry, imagination, and independence.  Our 3 year olds are motivated by interesting materials, thought provoking activities, and an exciting variety of projects.  As they explore and their understanding takes over, the children begin to connect all of their bits of learned information to pose new questions and develop meaningful conclusions. 

The children will participate in meaningful and developmentally appropriate class activities and learn to express their opinions and ideas and listen to their classmates in a group setting.  They will learn how to be members of a classroom environment. 

The socialization is one of the biggest benefits of a preschool program

Pre-K Program (4 year olds)

Cooperation and collaboration blossom in our Pre-K classrooms, allowing for more sophisticated play and detailed oriented projects.  Our teachers encourage creativity, problem solving, and risk taking as they support the children's work and passions.  The curriculum is designed to enhance your child's self esteem as they continue their love for learning in our program.  Language arts, math, science, social studies, nature, geography, writing, journaling, and imaginative storytelling are just some of the topics our experienced teachers will be teaching and working with your child on, on a daily to weekly basis to get them ready for success in Kindergarten. 

During this Pre-K year, the teachers emphasize skills that are developmentally appropriate for the year before Kindergarten and specific to each child's needs.  The program is designed to nurture and challenge children in all areas of development.  Our teachers want to make sure your child has a smooth transition as they move on to Kindergarten. 

Kindergarten (Children 5 years old as of September 1st)

Our Kindergarten program is S.T.E.M based and filled with thought provoking experiments and challenges to keep your child's mind captivated as they proceed through the Kindergarten's core curriculum. 

Our S.T.E.M. program goes through the letters of the week, based on our curriculum, as it engages each student with an experiment or challenge for them to solve to get to their goal.  Examples of this include making a roller coaster for the letter R or building a bridge for the letter B. 

Each student is assigned a Chromebook to use for the school year.  Our students participate in the Raz-Kids Reading Program on the Chromebooks. The Raz-Kids Program is designed so that a student can practice reading anytime and anywhere! Raz-Kids has a rewards program that allows students to earn stars for practice, completion, or success with different activities.  These stars are used to purchase fun items to personalize the Raz Rocket and to create a customized avatar using the Avatar Builder. 

In addition to Raz-Kids, the student will learn how to code and how to solve and make mazes, then work their way through the mazes by coding!

In addition to our students learning the core curriculum requirements for Kindergarten, our Kindergarten teacher has added some special programs such as:
     Individual Reading Program
     Writer's Workshop
     Art History and Art Appreciation
     Coding and Program with hands-on activities

During the summer, our Kindergarten teacher, Ms. Deanna Form, continues to refresh and renew her teaching skills by doing the latest in Continuing Education Classes. 

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