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New Babies/New Parents

At the Congregations of Shaare Shamayim, our greatest joy is to celebrate your smachot (joyous occasions) and welcoming a new baby to your family is one the most joyous of events.  We offer several ways to celebrate the birth of a new baby.

We want to celebrate with you!  Let us know about the birth of your baby by clicking here or calling the office at 215-677-1600.

Brit Milah

When a Jewish son turns eight days old, he is circumcised in a beautiful ritual that inducts the child into the Jewish covenant (brit or bris) with God.  The ritual dates back to the Torah when Abraham is circumcised as part of the covenant that he makes with God.  As with most Jewish rituals, the Brit Milah is usually followed by a meal.

Pidyon HaBen

Bring your family together on the 31st day of your baby's life.  If the baby is not a Kohane or a Levi, the child can be "redeemed" in this ancient ceremony where the parents give a token donation to a Kohane, prayers are said, and, of course, food is eaten!

Baby Naming

When a baby daughter is born, she can actually have two rituals to celebrate her birth!  The first is the baby naming.  Parents are invited up to the bima for an aliyah during the service, after which your baby's name will be announced.  If you prefer to have a baby naming in the Conservative - Traditional service, only the father comes to the bima for the aliyah.

Simchat Bat — "The Happiness of the Daughter"

This ritual, begun by Sephardic Jews (Jews from Western Europe and Yemen) but now practiced by many Ashkenazic Jews (Jews of Eastern European descent), celebrates the daughter in prayer and poem, followed by, of course, a meal with the whole family.

If you are interested in celebrating with us, please contact Carrie in the office at 215-677-1600 ext. 205 or e-mail her at

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