Holocaust Torah Scroll

Congregations of Shaare Shamayim is proud to house one of the 1,564 saved Torah Scrolls from the region now known as the Czech Republic. MST #763, on loan to us from the Memorial Scrolls Trust, was originally written around the year 1850 and comes from the town of Hodonin in Moravia.

Just before WWII, there were approximately 670 Jews living in Hodonin.  In 1939, the regions of Bohemia and Moravia became protectorates of Nazi Germany. Living under Nazi Germany's discrimination and violence against Jews, group of members of Prague's Jewish community began gathering artifacts from destroyed or decaying synagogues to bring them to a Prague museum where they were carefully preserved and cataloged.

The Jews of Hodonin were deported to concentration camps by the end of 1942 and the synagogues destroyed. Over 78,000 Czech Jews were murdered altogether during the Holocaust.


After the war, the Scrolls were transferred to London where those that could be used in religious ceremonies were restored and those that could not were sent to synagogues and Jewish institutions as memorials to all those who lost their lives.

MST #763 is currently on display in the lobby and is used to educate our members and Religious School students, especially during Yom HaShoah.

For more information about the Czech Memorial Scrolls, please click on Memorial Scrolls Trust.


Sun, December 17 2017 29 Kislev 5778