Stained Glass Windows

Our shul is surrounded by many beautiful stained glass windows.  They were conceived by Rabbi Arnold Feldman, designed by an artist and dedicated by many  generous congregants. Each tells a story about our history or our values.

Congregations of Shaare Shamayim



One of the two stained glass windows in our Sanctuary in the Karff.  The menorah design is created from two shin’s symbolizing Shaare Shamayim. 


Each of the windows has four panels  with one representing each of the seasons.

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Left Menorah Window Dedications:

Left dedications: Mr. and Mrs. Eugene L. Penfil in honor of Amy, Scott and Jeffrey Penfil.  Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Yellin in honor of the Bar Mitzvah of Son, Jonathan 5-3-1980  17 Iyar 5740.  Dorothy and Mish Novick in honor of Grandsons , Adam Novick and Scott Reuben Shemtov.

Center dedications: Wife Yelta, sons, Samuel, Jerry, Abraham and families in memory of Chaim Mandel. David and Fay Weinstein in memory of beloved parents, Harry and Bertha Weinstein.  Sam and Myrna Weinstock and family in memory of bellowed fathers and grandfathers, Abraham Weinstock & Rudolph Silverman 9-28-1980  18 tishri 5741.  Mr. & Mrs Morris Kaplan in memory of Minnie Kaplan, David Kaplan and Doris Seidberg.

Right dedications: Lillian and I. Irving Geboff, founders and patrons of Shaare Shamayim.  The Walens family in honor of granddaughter, Rachael Alexandra Walens.  Honor of my sons on their becoming Bnai Mitzvah, Gregg and Mathew Wallace April 24, 1982.

Right Menorah Window Dedications:

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Yellin in honor of the Bat Mitzvah of our daughter, Stephanie. April 9, 1983  27 Nisan 5743.  Beatrice Hollander in memory of William Hollander.  Barbara and Marvin Rothstein in memory of Beloved mother, Stella Farlous Feb 17, 1981  13 Adar 5741.  Shaare Shamayim Sisterhood in memory of Betty Brownstein.  Arnold and Tobe Dresner and family and Sheila J. Murray and sons in memory of beloved father, Maurice Fischman  Aug 16, 1979  23 Av 5739.  Arlene and Mike Frishman in honor of their parents Ann Frishman and Sylvia and Al Brownstein  Oct 8, 1989  10 Tishri 5750.  Carol, Barry and Ruth Perlmutter in memory of beloved father and husband, Philip Perlmutter  Dec 1, 1957  Age 53.  Louis, Ted and Jackie Chartock in memory of beloved parents, Solomon M. Chartock MD  1905-1978 and Jean B. Hcartock 1908-1989.