We offer an abundance of dynamic programs and multiple prayer services for you to participate in.  There is much to explore at CSS. Please click here for a full schedule of holiday services.

High Holiday Schedule

Sat. Sept. 16          Selichot          10:00pm

Rosh Hashana
Sat. Sept. 20 Candle Lighting 6:42pm
  Mincha/Ma'ariv 6:40pm
Thurs. Sept. 21 Shacharit 8:00am
  Shofar Blowing approx. 10:20am
  Tashlich Reception 4:15pm
  Mincha/Ma'ariv 6:40pm
  Candle Lighting after 7:44pm
Fri. Sept. 22 Shacharit 8:00am
  Shofar Blowing approx. 10:20am
  Candle Lighting 6:39pm
  Kabbalat Shabbat (Trad.) 6:40pm
  Kabbalat Shabbat (Egal.) 7:45pm

Shabbat Shuvah
Sat. Sept. 23 Shacharit (Trad.) 9:00am
  Shacharit (Egal.) 9:30am
Fast of Gedaliah
Sun. Sept. 24 Shacharit 8:00am
  Ma'ariv 7:45pm
Yom Kippur
Fri. Sept. 29 Shacharit 7:00am
  Mincha 1:30pm
  Candle Lighting 6:28pm
  Kol Nidre 6:20pm
Sat. Sept. 30 Shacharit 9:00am
  Yizkor approx. 11:30am
  Mincha 4:30pm
  Neilah 6:00pm
  Shofar Blowing 7:30pm
Wed. Oct. 4 Candle Lighting 6:19pm
  Mincha/Ma'ariv (Trad.) 6:20pm
  Ma'ariv (Egal.) 7:45pm
Thurs. Oct. 5 Shacharit (Trad.) 9:00am
  Shacharit (Egal.) 9:30am
  Mincha/Ma'ariv (Trad.) 6:30pm
  Ma'ariv (Egal.) 7:45pm
  Candle Lighting 7:15pm
Fri. Oct. 6 Shacharit (Trad.) 9:00am
  Shacharit (Egal.) 9:30am
  Candle Lighting 6:16pm
  Kabbalat Shabbat 6:20pm
  Kabbalat Shabbat 7:45pm
Shabbat Chol Hamoed
Sat. Oct. 7 Shacharit (Trad.) 9:00am
  Shacharit (Egal.) 9:30am
  Mincha/Ma'ariv 6:25pm
  Havdala 7:18pm
Hoshana Rabbah
Wed. Oct. 11 Shacharit 7:00am
  Candle Lighting 6:08pm
  Mincha/Ma'ariv (Trad.) 6:10pm
  Mincha/Ma'ariv (Egal.) 7:45pm


Shemini Atzeret
Thurs. Oct. 12 Shacharit (Trad.) 9:00am
  Shacharit (Egal.) 9:30am
  Yiskor (Trad.) approx. 10:30am
  Yiskor (Egal.) approx. 11:00am
  Mincha 5:45pm
  Reception 6:00pm
  Ma'ariv & Hakafot 7:00pm
  Candle Lighting 7:05pm
Simchat Torah
Fri. Oct. 13 Shacharit (Trad.) 9:00am
  Shacharit (Egal.) 9:30am
  Hakafot (Trad.) approx. 10:00am
  Hakafot (Egal.) approx. 10:30am
  Candle Lighting 6:05pm
  Kabbalat Shabbat (Trad.) 6:10pm
  Kabbalat Shabbat (Egal.) 7:45pm
*All times listed are for both services unless otherwise noted

High Holidays

The High Holidays are a wonderful time at CSS.  We gather as a full community for services on Erev Rosh Hashanah, both days of Rosh Hashanah, Kol Nidre, and Yom Kippur.  On the first day of Rosh Hashanah, it is our tradition to conclude the day with a lively Tashlich service at one of our congregants' home.  This brief service gives us the opportunity to symbolically cast away our sins.

On Yom Kippur, we provide prayer opportunities throughout the day.  To conclude the Neilah service, we invite all children in our community to ascend the bima to hear the final blast of the shofar.  We then gather for a congregational break-the-fast.

We offer two adult services for our High Holidays: a Conservative Traditional and a Conservative Egalitarian service.  Members may request to be seated in either service.  If you have questions about our services or programming, please contact the synagogue office at 215-677-1600 or—we are happy to help you navigate the many choices available to you.

Honors are available in both services.  If you would like an Honor on the High Holidays, please contact the office.

Please check  our calendar for a full schedule of our High Holiday services.

General Information

We offer reserved seating in both the Conservative Traditional and Conservative Egalitarian services.

Prayerbooks, calendars, and Yizkor books will be provided at your seat on the High Holidays.  To contribute a name to our Yizkor book, please contact the CSS Men's Club.


We are always looking for more advertisers.  If you know of a business in our community that would like to advertise in our community, please let us know. For more information, please call Carrie in the synagogue office.

Wish your CSS friends a Happy and Healthy New Year in our calendar; it's so easy! Simply send Carrie in the office the text you would like us to use.  You can also include a celebratory listing in our calendar such as a birthday, anniversary, etc.  Please contact Carrie in the office for more information.

Parking Spaces

We offer reserved parking spots for the High Holidays.  Reserved parking ensures you will get a spot in our parking lot for all high holiday services and events.

Member Tickets

All members in good standing (current in dues and financial obligations) receive tickets to our services. Tickets will arrive soon by mail.

CSS membership entitles the household to tickets for each adult.  Tickets are not transferable.  If you have an outstanding balance, please contact the office and we will assist you with payment arrangements.

Guest Tickets

Tickets for guests are available for an additional fee. Please contact the office to attain guest tickets.

Childcare & Children's Programming

Childcare is available with pre-registration for children 18 months to 4 years old.

Sunday School age children meet for holiday related activities and snacks.  Junior Congregation meets in the Chapel for our Hebrew School age children.

Break the Fast with CSS

Break your fast with your CSS family.  Advanced registration and payment are necessary.


Ushers will be available to assist you for both seating and other needs.  Please follow their directions when entering to ensure that the service is not disturbed.

For accessibility to our sanctuaries, we have a handicap entrance on the right side of the building.  For other accessibility needs, please contact the office.

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