Adult Ed

Life-long learning for congregants of all ages is a core value at CSS.  Our adult learning opportunities nurture our connection with Judaism and reveal the relevance of Jewish traditions in the 21st century.  Topics are created to be meaningful, experiential learning based on our congregants' interests.  Some of our past topics have included weekly Torah study, Jewish history, Israel, Popular Culture, Jewish cooking, and Hebrew language, to name a few.

The programs we offer are welcoming, challenging, and accessible at a variety of levels.  Our wide range of teachers includes congregants, rabbis, cantors, and professional educators engaging learners of all ages.

See below for our new and upcoming programs or click here for a full list of our lifelong learning programs.

Contact Us:

Denise Ellner, Adult Education Chair

Upcoming Adult Education Events:

Living Jewishly
Every Monday beginning October 31 at 6:45pm
Why do we do the things we do when we do them?  This class will include a wide-range of topics on Judaism.  We hope that you will attend all classes, but all sessions are open individually.  No charge.
Midrash Breisheet Rabba
Wednesdays following Morning Minyan at 7am beginning November 2
Learn about the Midrash, a book of ancient Rabbinic commentary and thought on the first book of the Torah, in Rav Barry's home.  No charge.
Parsha Class for Hebrew Speakers
Tuesdays, monthly.
שיעור פרשת השבוע בעברית לדוברי עברית.
בואו נלמד ונשוחח על פרשת השבוע בסיוע פרשנים ומדרשים קלאסים ומודרנים. כולם מוזמנים  להשתתף. 
כל הבא, ברוך הבא

Hebrew speakers are welcome to talk about and learn about the Parsha (the weekly Torah portion) with Rav Barry in his home in Ivrit.

Thu, June 22 2017 28 Sivan 5777